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Lindsay McKean
Cats Brothers

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CATS IN HATS is a capsule accessory collection designed exclusively for WOWCRACY to showcase and complement the Cats Brothers CRAZY HOMIES A/W 14 knitwear collection. Cats Brothers is a woolly collaboration between two experienced knitwear designers, Lindsay McKean and Anna Wilkinson. Anna and Lindsay met each other when both working for a textile design studio in West London. Here they discovered that knitting wasn’t all they had in common…they also shared a rather niche sense of humour and appreciation of hip hop. Cats Brothers’ debut collection, Crazy Homies, was born from a mutual love of Snoop Dogg, latino street culture and iconography, and fuelled by margaritas - on the rocks, with salt (Lindsay), without salt (Anna). It was launched on 1st November (the Mexican Day of the Dead) 2012 and went on to be stocked exclusively in Browns Focus. They have since designed Crazy Homies Part Deux, the woolier, fluffier A/W version of the original collection.

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  • Que_ComanPastel - Wed 16 Jul 2014 - 03:35

    Hello! My name is Rebeca and I am a fashion blogger from Mexico City. I wanted to tell you guys that i loved your Cats in Hats collection. I absolutely love the fact that some of the inspiration comes from my country. I truly think you managed to capture the essence of the "Day of the Death" parade in your previous collection. The colors and textures are amazing. I wish you guys the best on this project. And you can count me in on media support, I will def let my followers know about your project. Congratulations Once I deliver the post on line at my blog i will let you guys know. Lots of love

  • ally_crespo - Tue 22 Jul 2014 - 12:43

    Hi! LOved your pom pom hats and I talked about them on my blog! Just check it out! Kisse s and love and pom poms!! Ally

  • warjulian - Wed 30 Jul 2014 - 16:35

    Hello Cats Brothers! I made a post about your incredible products on my site: This collection is so artistic, unique and very well-made. I hope to see more of your creations in the future! All the best!--War Julian, Australia.

  • Ilariadelorenzi - Wed 10 Sep 2014 - 16:23

    Hi cats! Great stuff! I just created a new blog post talking about this amazing project!! Check it out ;)