Baguette Bag by CYAN

Project by:

Victoria Panyukova


UPDATE: CYAN has guaranteed the ability to deliver the bags pre-ordered so far. Thus, exceptionally, the funding goal has been lowered to €1,000 to meet the desire of the users who believed in CYAN creations. Thanks for your support.

About Baguette Bag:

There’s something special about purchasing a fresh baguette while it’s still crispy and warm. The CYAN's Baguette Bag guarantees your trip home from the bakery will never be the same. Made especially for the baguette fans, the Baguette Bag protects the fluffy loaf while keeping your hands free. Place your just purchased bread into this stylish accessory and sling it over your shoulder – now you can bike or walk and carry other groceries in your hands without damaging the baguette. And if you're empty-handed, you can always keep your hands free while walking instead of worrying about protecting the loaf.

The Baguette Bag has a reasonable price because of the high quality of production and materials. We use only 100% cotton fabrics for shell and lining of the item. The bag has a special inner layer that strengthens the shell. The magnetic fastening is a great solution for this kind of bag because it’s easy and secure in use. The adjustable strap allows to fit the bag to your convenience.

It is available in the next colors: yellow, brown, green and grey. Choose and get your own one!

About us:

CYAN is a young Ukraine-based brand created by the team of experienced specialists. Our goal is to create clothing and accessories based on professional and non standard vision of contemporary fashion.

 CYAN team:

Victoria Panyukova

Fashion designer with mass market work experience who possesses her own recognizable expressive style. She decided to realize her perception of fashion in her own clothing brand that will bring the concept of interesting and wearable clothing to a new level.

Peter Mamchich

Creative director who has experience in a fashion-industry for over 20 years.

We also attract and retain high quality consultants and specialists for unique tasks in the process of manufacturing and collection preparation. We are proud of our product.

Our main task for today is to build recognizable successful brand with expressive, dynamic and vibrant styling. We know how to make items extraordinary and comfortable at the same time. Very important is also the fact, as far as the designer is able to understand and feel the needs of society while remaining himself and trying to reach the maximum expression with the existing functional forms. We try to solve all these problems in every project.

Your Contribution:

The final design of the Baguette Bag is prepared now for the first production launch after trying different variants of prototypes. Your support will bring our project to life and fund the first production run for the Baguette Bag. Our goal is to meet 100 bag minimum order to lower the production cost, as well as the materials costs to make the units.   

By investing in this project on Wowcracy you will get the advantage of having this authentic bag at the pre-sale price.

We are very grateful to any contribution that you are able to pledge to help get Baguette Bag Project successfully started! Remember that every little bit helps and it does all add up. If you can't make a donation yourself, sharing this project with your friends, colleagues, family, and social media spheres would also be a great help!


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New update: Sun 14 Jul 2013

Sun 14 Jul 2013

We are introducing hot summer suggestion with special prices!
€30 for 1 Baguette Bag Summer Special Limited for the first 20 trendsetters!
€35 for 1 Baguette Bag Summer Special for the next 50 trendsetters!
We are presenting the set of bracelets to those who has already ordered 1 Baguette Bag.
We appreciate every order, don't miss your chance, it's time for Baguette Bag!

New update: Tue 02 Jul 2013

Tue 02 Jul 2013

OVER 1'000 Likes on our Wowcracy project page in 15 days! Thanks to all of you!

New update: Mon 24 Jun 2013

Mon 24 Jun 2013

We are getting a great feedback according our project, it is gradually getting more and more fans throughout the world!

Read the article at Grub Street, the New York Magazine blog:

Be the trendsetter and let's make this project real!

New update: Mon 24 Jun 2013

Mon 24 Jun 2013

British Daily Mail writes that "you need the must-have bag for fashionable foodies"!

  • With the Baguette Bag you'll never again drop your French stick
  • Designed by Ukrainian brand CYAN, the bag is in pre-production
  • To buy one, pledge funds online via Wowcracy
  • If CYAN meet their 4,000€ target they can begin manufacturing the bags

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  • davide - Thu 27 Jun 2013 - 13:29

    New article online by Daily Mail with 2300+ more shares! This bag is trending! Do you know that you can use it to put what you want inside the bag?

  • l.vigliocco - Fri 26 Jul 2013 - 12:15

    Lovely object! There are more usages for this object!