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Judy R Clark


Judy R Clark is an award winning fashion designer and artist who has created highly acclaimed installations, exhibitions and unique collections internationally.  

Judy is renowned for her timeless womenswear collections which fuse traditional Scottish textiles, such as, Harris Tweed and lace, into contemporary, innovative designs with a modern edge. Her creative approach to fashion design has brought her a series of prestigious accolades throughout her career.

Previously working for the late Alexander McQueen, Judy set up her own business when she returned to Scotland creating bespoke ranges and working on specially commissioned pieces with the likes of Emeli Sande, Levis and Ford. Judy is one of Scotland’s leading and well-respected fashion designers.


Judy R Clarks - Fashion A Frock Coat

Judy R Clark has launched a limited edition line of male and female Fashion Frock Coats for her new ready-to-wear fashion collection.

Taking this commercial step for the first time, Judy needs your support to get the ‘Fashion a Frock Coat’ line launched. In return you will be able to own a limited edition Harris Tweed and Lace piece from Judy’s new ready-to-wear collection. Have your say in the design process and visit the designer’s atelier now!

The line will consist of a limited edition line of male and female frock coats which feature Judy’s signature style –detailed cuffs, collars and bustle shapes providing a striking silhouette that makes the wearer feel completely unique. Each piece will be numbered so you can identify your exclusive coat as the 1tst, 5th or 20thth Judy R Clark frock coat worldwide. Each season a limited edition range of these classic and collectable pieces will be created and only 25 of each design will be made available for both men and women for anyone in the world to own.

We need you to make this designer’s dream a reality!

We would like to invite you, the fashion forward public, to become co-creators of the ‘Fashion a Frock Coat’ brand. It is through your engagement, especially through social media that ideas will grow and  the campaign will flourish to success. As ‘co-creators’ of the 'Fashion a Frock Coat' brand you will participate in the launch, be featured on the website appear in Judy’s video and social media channels.


Scottish Textiles

The project will be managed, designed and manufactured in Scotland using Scottish fabrics  - Harris Tweed and lace from MYB Textiles. Both these fabrics feature throughout Judy’s bespoke collections and her new ready-to-wear collection. These fabrics were  chosen because of their unique heritage, ethical workmanship and outstanding quality.

Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is known as the champagne of fabrics and is renowned throughout the world as a top quality hand-woven fabric. The rare character and beauty of it is attributed to the fact that it is the only fabric in the world produced in commercial qualities by truly traditional methods. Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament and from start to finish the cloth is in the hands of skilled and experienced artisans who oversee every stage of production.


MYB Textiles

This Scottish company is now the only producer in the world manufacturing with original Nottingham Lace Looms, some of them over 90 years old. This coupled with their specialist knowledge of Scottish Madras makes MYB Textiles an industry world leader. The company are recognised worldwide for their commitment to ensuring the highest quality of production – driven by continual product and design innovation, new technology and a highly skilled workforce.

Demand Increasing

The increase in demand for Judy’s creations is expanding her business in to the commercial market space. Customers want to be able to buy products the same day and are not prepared to wait for a long period of time even for a piece of bespoke wear. Judy continues to receive numerous emails asking for her stockists and how people can purchase her garments online.  Judy wants to fulfil the demand for our product and let the customer access the brand with ease.

With production secured from a Scottish manufacturer Judy will be able to fulfil the growing demands and needs of her customer base. The launch pad for the limited edition collection will make the Judy Clark brand more accessible while also maintaining the luxury attribute of the brand in creating quality, timeless pieces which stand out against the  lacklustre throw away fashion.


Funds Raised from your support will go towards:

  • Studio time spent pattern drafting, cutting, sewing and sampling our new line ‘Fashion a Frock Coat’.
  • Making a film about our process and how our lovely supporters have backed us and influenced the collection.
  • Online boutique, as well as our website, we need an online shop for you to see our product, share it and purchase it.
  • Manufacture costs – we need some assistance with sewing and making our line which is fully produced in Scotland so you can wear it with pride and sophistication. Remember all of the fabrics that we use throughout our designs are of the highest quality.
  • Printing services to have all our postcards and limited edition prints ready to adorn your walls.



Social Presence


New update: Sun 25 Aug 2013

Sun 25 Aug 2013

Thanks to all who have supported the project this far. Look forward to posting out your cards, prints and coats soon!

New update: Mon 05 Aug 2013

Mon 05 Aug 2013

We will be on George Street Edinburgh with our new Fashion A Frock Coat collection on August 18th. Email us to make an appointment at You will find as at White Stuff, 89 George Street, Edinburgh.

New update: Sun 14 Jul 2013

Sun 14 Jul 2013

This weekends Press & Journal article.

New update: Tue 09 Jul 2013

Tue 09 Jul 2013

Recent press articles about our new 'Fashion A Frock Coat' project.

New update: Sat 06 Jul 2013

Sat 06 Jul 2013

Pick up the Scotland On Sunday tomorrow to see the exclusive pictures of the 'Fashion A Frock Coat' collection in the Spectrum Magazine.


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