Designer Guidelines

Get participation and pre-orders for your future collection.

On Wowcracy you can upload and showcase your up-and-coming creations and get in front of the fashion community. People will be able to place pre-orders, share or write you comments or feedback on your collection. Wowcracy is a sales and marketing platform for designers and brands. With Wowcracy, every marketing action, expense or effort when you launch a new product can now be tracked

A Collection delivers a tangible reward to the fashion community, lasts a maximum of 90 days, does not fund an open ended “fund my dream” type of project. Examples are: anew up-cycle necklace, a new fashion apparel collection, a new limited edition bag.

Upload a Collection in 3 simple steps:

  • Identify your product: think of a well-defined concept and clarify the inspiration behind it. It could be a product that you are already developing and you can show the samples of, or a new product that you want to produce starting from scratch. It will also be the new fashion item that you can produce and ship out to the people who will pre-order it.
  • Understand your required funding: include everything you need to deliver the product. At the same time, remember that your funding goal can be exceeded. Thus there is no limit to how much funds you can collect. On Wowcracy it is about you. We are not a boutique selling on your behalf, we are empowering you to let your story, your ideas, your soul come out of your products and inspire our community.
  • Refine your presentation: choose a relevant title and remember to thoroughly describe your project, specifically the inspiration behind your new fashion product. It can be as simple or as complex as you like, but most importantly let your audience know why you are asking for their support.

Fashion project tips

A project is made up of a title, description, images & video, funding goal, project duration, reward structure and project team.

Title, description, images

The project title should be maximum 60 characters long. Think of something catchy and keep it simple. For example, Mr Wow hat that flatters or Madame Infini shoes made in cotton. The project description should show how genuinely passionate you are about your project. The short project description can be maximum 150 characters long. Fashion supporters want to know what inspires you and why your project is awesome. Stay true to yourself: materials, design, manufacturing and all the bits and pieces that make your project unique. The project image presents your project and shows how fashion-forward it is. Maximum additional 10 images per project, minimum 660x425 pixel (Jpeg, Png) can be included.


The project video is the best way to share your story, show your Collection and what happens behind the scenes. This is a list of questions you may want to answer with your project video:

  • What is your project? Is it a new fashion apparel collection? A new watch?
  • Which materials do you use?
  • Whom is your project made for? Is it for high-tech lovers or for mature fashionistas?
  • What is your source of inspiration?
  • Did you graduate from a fashion school to become a top creative talent or did you gain your experience from practice in a maison?
  • How will you produce your collection? Is it handcrafted? Is it dyed with natural colors?
  • Why are you using Wowcracy and how much time do you need to deliver the pre-orders you will receive.

Funding goal

The project funding goal is the minimum amount of money you as the Designer or Brand set to be able to deliver your project to the fashion community. If you are greedy, your project may not reach the funding goal and you will get no money. If you are too moderate, you may not collect enough money to create your project. At the same time, remember that pre-orders can exceeds the project funding goal, there is no limit on that. It is like matching a pair of shoes and a bag. Try to match your budget request with your production cost estimate and do it in a smart way. Ask for the real sum of money you need and consider that for the fashion community supporting a project is like going shopping, so you have to be reasonable and convincing.

Duration & team

The project duration is the 90 days max period, during which a collection is active to collect its funds. The project team is the active work group of a fashion designer or brand that submit the collection to Wowcracy.

Products of your Collection

The products of your Collection can be pre-ordered when Users support a project. Tips?

  • Focus on one item and differentiate it as upscale or limited edition.
  • Use different price ranges. For example: 2 (read two Euros or more) for special credits on the fashion designer’s website, 25 for a personal thank you phone call, 50 for one limited edition t-shirt, 90 for a limited edition t-shirt plus an invitation to the fashion designer’s studio 100+ for two limited edition t-shirts, 250 for a pair of jeans, 500 for two jeans and a t-shirt, 1000 for a collection of eleven t-shirts and four pairs of jeans. This is just an example. You can be as creative as you want to.
  • It is important to satisfy all backers, be it for a small or a big pledge.
  • Please note that shipment cost is not included. It will be added automatically and billed at the checkout time according to the shipping location.

You are receiving the pre-orders and the money before shipping your collection. People will make a leap of faith because they love your Collection. Take this in mind when you will set the value of the products you are presenting them.


  • The iconic fashion item of a Wowcracy collection such as a dress, a bag or anything that can fit in one of the creative fields that are accepted by Wowcracy.
  • A personal experience, like an invitation to the designer’s atelier.
  • Other interesting stuff you can produce and deliver physically or digitally, such as backstage photo-shoots of your next collection, lots of love or a personal telephone call to say thank you to your supporters.
  • A buyer friendly bundle of items. Consider the possibility that some shop owners could be keen to support your project by pledging money to pre-order many fashion rewards to sell in their concept store.

When working out your project funding goal, don’t forget to consider your:

  • Images: try to upload at least 3 images per product, that is a photo shoot of the product, a detailed still life and a material focus pic. High definition for a better result.
  • Pre-orders estimate: how many pre-orders will you collect for your collection? Fashionistas aren’t very shy, are they? So there is no limit to how many people could pledge money to support your project. Be prepared to meet all pre-orders.
  • Cost: take your time to estimate your production costs for all the products you plan to deliver. Talk to your suppliers and set the pricing and the project funding goal according to your production estimate and crowdfunding objectives.

Ultimate make-up

Review your project before submitting it:

  • Title. Short and effective, like a tweet. Be convincing.
  • Project image. Make sure that the image you selected best represents your project. It is what everyone will see first.
  • Your experience. Let the fashion community discover your project and inspiration.
  • Products & delivery. Upload images and describe in detail each item of your collection. And, please, state your estimate delivery date.

Selection criteria

Our guiding principles are:

  • High quality fashion design: the design team will be responsible for defining all the aspects of their collection, including product design and functionality, as well as caring for the environment.
  • Product materials: be as detailed about your use of materials as possible.
  • Inventiveness: communicating the inspiration behind a collection is key to building trust between the designer and the fashion community.
  • Transparency: provide a full description of your collection and update your supporters regularly.
  • Manufacturing: explane how the collection will be produced, how it is influenced by the surrounding environment, how much passion there is in it.

Promote your collection

Wowcracy is 100% committed to increasing the successful outcome of all projects. Are you? Follow these XX steps:

  • Before the collection goes live, create some buzz around your upcoming collection among your friends and brand’s network.
  • When the collection project goes live, share your Wowcracy project on your Facebook page, Pinterest board, Instagram profile, Tumblr and tweet about it, send emails, and connect with the people around you.
  • You would be surprised by the influence that your friends, family and closest acquaintances could have on their personal networks to motivate others to support your project. Don’t forget them.
  • Tell everyone you know about your project and do it in a personal way.
  • Interact with our social profiles.
  • Be active on your project page.
  • Bloggers, online magazines, as well as local newspapers, radio and tv are relevant points of contact. Can you convince them to support you?
  • However, be careful not to spam people.

Remember, it is just about you and your creations. Go out and have fun! This is the best way to share your passion and to promote your project.

Update your Collection

Posting updates demonstrates commitment and allows you to share important information with the audience that is following your collection. For example, you could share information about:

  • Progress that you and your team have recently made.
  • Press coverage you are receiving.
  • Any successful milestones reached.
  • One to one dialogues can really push your project forward. Reply to questions and provide useful information.

Shipment & Delivery

When you have reached or exceeded the funding goal, it is your responsibility to deliver your collection. It is the last and most important step of your fashion crowdfunding campaign. Each product successfully made and delivered to your supporters will show how credible you are to the fashion community. Take extra care to review your pre-orders. We may help you with the shipment. Please, while we are building our shipment service, get in touch with us if you would like support on this. Write at There are also many resources that you can find online to help you, such as Mail Boxes Etc, UPS, DHL and national mail services.

Fees & Transaction

We want to be crystal clear on this with you, so that you only have to care about your collection and the trendsetters who are pre-ordering it. If we take care of the final fulfilment of your Collection, we will charge a 20% fee for our service. If you also take care of the final shipment of your collection, we will charge a 10% fee. From those fees we will take care of any payment processing fee of all your pre-orders and we will also support your project with some targeted advertising. Want to know more about this or desire additional support? Just write us at

We will transfer you the funds when your collection has reached or exceeded the funding goal. If a project is not successful, no money will be transferred. You can submit a new project. Just think about what can be improved next time and try to stay connected with your fashion community for tips or comments.

Please, take also a look to our Terms and Conditions

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