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    Baguette Bag by CYAN

    By Victoria, Panyukova

    CYAN is making your trip to the bakery more comfortable with a new special Baguette Bag. Be sure to get your crispy baguette warm and safe home!

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    Isla Fontaine AW 16 collection

    By Isla, Fontaine

    The jewelry collection that we present for the Fall | Winter 2016-2017 season is inspired by the divas of the 50's. Along with quartz, pearls and glass, we used velvet to pay tribute to some of the most beautiful and talented women of the past trying to convey through jewelry their timeless appeal.

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    By Alberto, Bruno

    Campiardenti is a project by architect Alberto Bruno. The passion and interest in jewelry design born from the pure pleasure to participate in the beauty and complexity 'of the charm of women, as the eternal poetry.

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    GOAT Coffee Mug - Bringing Style to Coffee Drinking

    By ,

    A story written for those who are crazy about coffee, those who find joy in every single drop of dark elixir, who would go crazy for it or better - without it. We are bringing you a perfect companion for busy life - unique horn-shaped coffee mug now holds the energy boost you need, everywhere you go

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    Elisa Sanna natural fabrics collection

    By Elisa, Sanna

    The Elisa Sanna 2016 collection represents woman in all her sensuality and elegance. The materials mainly used in this collection are natural and include yarn from fibers existing in nature untreated by chemical procedures that would modify their structure.

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    ERADICATED fall'16


    The collection is a story about a community of people in the not too distant future, when it finally frees itself from the digital/virtual technology and comes alive again, maybe somewhere deep in the woods or in a natural, raw environment, far from the madding crowd.

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    The artisan passion for leather bracelets and good design

    By Roberto, Sabbatini

    Leather bracelets that transmit immediately the artisan passion to the wearer, with eye-catching design and quality materials that transmit sensations already just by touching them. The leather bracelet hand-woven implies that every product is different, because every plot has its imperfection.

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    David&Martin; Jewellery Sweden

    By Diana, Nilsson

    David&Martin; is an award-winning Swedish jewellery brand founded in Stockholm in 2003. Inspired by the Nordic nature and contemporary art, the brand represents the essence of Scandinavian values, sexuality and fashion.

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