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    2015 Contemporaneous Rooting by F▼KA Handbags

    By Fanta, Ka

    Contemporaneous Rooting : when timeless poetry of Rabaal is associated with a casual chic style for unique and refined pieces. Made with genuine python skin and taurillon togo leather, it adapts to casual look bringing a touch of chic, but may as well be worn with an elegant and sophisticated outfit

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    Deondra Jeree Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

    By Deondra, Morris

    By infusing the combination of edginess and sophistication into each handbag, Deondra Jeree wishes to produce unique, everyday styles that are not currently available in the mass market. Each luxury handbag showcases its own modern and bold design.

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    The biker's armour

    By Sphynx, Design

    Inspired by the great biker icons this collection reflects the battle of finding identity through style and garmets faced by the youth culture. Like warriors youth had chosen leather clothes to be their armour.

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    Choose to be unique!

    By Sandro, Gonnella

    In a world which is becoming more and more uniform and monotonous, Sandro Gonnella, with his great artistic sensibility originating from his passion for painting and sculpture, creates one-of-a-kind pieces and sartorial bespoke eyewear based on the client's desire.

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    Jewelry and bracelets for the metropolitan man.

    By ,

    The collections of Homo has a dual mission: to pay tribute to Italian style made of Penalty and Genius. Create an affordable luxury. The Italian elegance finds its roots in the ancient culture. The quality of the gems enhanced by the simple structure, gives us a timeless jewels.

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    NS By Noof Jewelry Clutches

    By Noof, AlShekar

    In between two dimensions of jewelry and architecture, NS by Noof finds the third. Bridging influences of the aura of gemstones that crowns each creation and the essence of geometry that encases it. Created with an outlook and devotion to recovering the purity in premium luxuries.

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    A Knot for a Robe Charity Fundraiser

    By Jeannie, Yeo

    This Limited Edition Charity Bracelet is a collaborative effort between JeannieRichard and The Gift Curator to sponsor and provide robes for eight monks in Thailand. The efforts of this event are supported through your purchase, which allows 100% of profits to be allocated to the fund.

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    ANNA LED Spring/ Summer 15 collection

    By Anna, Ledskalnina

    New spring-summer ANNA LED collection is an ode to Riga and its architecture that embodies so many different styles. Being rich in its history does not prevent Latvian capital to be a modern city. This harmonious coexistence of past traditions and heartbeat of modernity designer has reflected in he