porcelain warriors AW 2014

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Miriam Lehle

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The starting point has been a doormat of cast iron optic. I was intrigued by its dainty character and I bought dozens of them to play around. It reminded me of an armour. I liked the idea to create a modern warrior. But combined with feminine and elegant attributes. It then became necessary to find a more valuable substitute for the doormats. I only recently participated in an art project for C&A. For that one I worked with cast resin. In the end the art piece I created looked like a piece of porcelain. I wanted to work with this effect again. I researched casting moulds that are used for stuccoed ceilings. Many test phases followed until I had the optimal resin and shapes. To give the accessories a modern look I used patent leather in combination. The cast pieces are not only used in a decorative but also functional way and are involved in the draping process to develop innovtive cuts.

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