A Knot for a Robe Charity Fundraiser

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Jeannie Yeo


Your Support Will Help Clothe a Monk for a Year

JeannieRichard Jewelry Who We Are
Behind the brand name JeannieRichard is a husband and wife tandem. Together as one, we design jewelry that are distinctly modern yet classic, and current yet sentimental – a piece that can be with you through any given fashion trend phase. It is our desire for our jewelry to rise to your occasion, your daily styling and become your sentimental heirloom.

With each piece we design, we deliberate with meaning - an object of creation that will hold value and emotion. Each piece is personally hand sewn by us and each bead is scrutinised for form and color before stitching them.
Your Merit of Noble Deed
A little from you goes a long way from them.

The deed may seem simple but it provides for the monks who will wear the robes for a year. 

In collaboration with The Gift Curator, we are raising just enough to provide 8 monks in Thailand. 100% of the profits will be used for this fundraiser and if the goal amount exceeds, we will provide for more than 8 monks - all thanks to your support.
JeannieRichard Wish Knot Bracelet The Object of Merit
This Wish Knot Bracelet is both stunning and with good meaning.
The knot represents the tying of the robe which can also be described as a knot of merit or virtue, to proclaim the sacrificial lifestyle of these ascetics men.
The speckled gold on black are reminiscent of the night skies with the twinkling stars that patiently await for wishes to connect ourselves to the universe and goodness we bring into the world through our words, thoughts and acts of kindess.
As sentient beings, our stay on this planet is short, we should thus strive to make it meaningful and always remember the less fortunate while we live life.

Each Wish Knot bracelet is unique as no two speckle is the same, they are randomly sewn and comes with an extendable chain to fit small, medium and large wrists.
PLUS, you can untie the knot to wear it on your ankle!
OR, if you like the knot on your ankle, you can since it comes with an extendable chain!
Shipping Your Merit
Every bracelet is packed in a acrylic case of tissue wrapping and tied with gold sequin string - making it a wonderful experience and gift as well. We ship worldwide with tracking ensuring that you will receive your item.
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